Social Allies

Allies – To unite or connect in a personal relationship.

When I think of allies I often think of countries, armies, or movements all working together against a common enemy.  It’s not often that I hear the term used in business.  It should be though.  It’s a great word.  Allies.  I feel more confident just knowing I have allies out there…ready to help if I ever need them.

Allies Are Not Automatic

Developing the relationships necessary to build a network of allies takes effort.  Do you ever feel overwhelmed at work?  Have you ever needed to speak with someone outside your chain of command, even outside your organization?  When the pressures of work feel like an all out assault you need to have a network you can turn to for support.  You need allies.  I need allies too.

How do you get these allies?  You invest some time and reach out from the convenience of your desk.  No one is going to come to your rescue if you haven’t offered support to someone else.  Real leaders do not wallow in self-pity; rather, they reach out to assist others, to connect, to learn, and try to make a difference. The end result can be an amazing group of people who are there when needed.  I’ve been discovering how powerful that group can be…and it’s quite humbling.

What Are You Waiting For?
Have you been considering using social media?  Are you wondering what it’s really all about?  It’s time to stop holding back and start exploring.  No one will criticize you if you stumble.  We’ve all stumbled…and lived to tell about it.  You will too.  Get started, you’ll already have an ally as soon as you start….me.

How About You
Do you realize how much support is out there waiting for you?  I didn’t either…I was too busy worrying about looking foolish.  (Fortunately for me I have a lot of experience looking foolish.)  Turns out that your social allies are waiting…are you going to take that first step?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pics courtesy of Tech 2 Date and Social Allies