I Learned the Hard Way…Again

I hate saying no.  As an HR professional and leader it just never makes sense for me to refuse anyone.  After all, they’re reaching out to me for support.  I’m supposed to be there for them, right?

Getting Played

One of the major pitfalls of having “can’t-say-no syndrome” is that some people will take advantage; and, despite doing this type of work for years, I sometimes don’t recognize it when it’s happening.  Shame on me.  I’ve learned that I have to stay focused so I can be the “player”, and not be the one getting played.  I hate it when I learn the hard way.

And I sure don’t like getting played.

Lots To Do
I also don’t like falling behind with my workload.  Sure, I’m busy just like everyone else but I find that if I never set any boundaries, I’m the one that ends up being too far behind.  In effect, I learn the hard way – again.

I really don’t like learning the hard way.

Trust and Verify
Am I contradicting myself?  Should HR professionals start saying no to those in need?  No way.   I’m advocating that we trust everyone who comes to us for support, and then verify the facts as quickly as possible.  We have to deliver world-class service…and we also have to make sure we hold others accountable.  This is hard for me to do.  

How About You
Do you struggle with how much of yourself to give to others?  Do you find yourself falling behind because you haven’t managed your boundaries effectively?  How did you solve this dilemma?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of East Side FM