HRIS and Change…Hate Them Both

Is there anyone left who doesn’t have some sort of Human Resources Information System (HRIS)?  Can’t be, right?  Whether it’s a large system like Lawson or a flexible tool like People-Trak, many organizations have recognized the need to implement something.  So what does one do if they don’t like the tool that’s been selected? Throw it away?  Start over and attempt to rejustify the expense? I don’t think so.

You Selected the System, Right?
Let me just clarify a few things:
– You researched your options
– You justified the investment
– You brought your team into the process
– You rolled out the new tool
– Now you hate it

Really?  Why?  Are we so caught up in how we want to do everything our way, that we can’t adjust to what the system is designed to do?  Won’t making changes in our old processes to conform to the system’s functionality allow it to do what it was originally designed to do in the first place?  Ah…I said it – changes.  We don’t like changes, whether it’s our processes or technology, or lives.

How About You
Whether you like your HRIS vendor or not, are you willing to make changes out of your routine to allow the system to do it’s job?  You purchased it for what it CAN do, not for what it CAN’T, right? Making changes in your life…well…that’s an entirely different matter.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pics courtesy of Data-in-formation and Yah Nutrition