Social Power Trip

I love where the world of work, and in particular, HR is today.  The whining about a seat at the table seems to be fading a bit now that (finally) the HR community has begun to realize you earn seats, they aren’t issued at new employee orientation. Social Media has completely changed how we work, and for those of us that have embraced this powerful resource, our perspectives on work and our world have changed forever.  

And that’s where I think I am getting myself into trouble.

Getting It
As I realized the power of going social, and the initial burn of enthusiasm waned, something odd happened.  In a strange way I started thinking I was somehow better than those who weren’t into it.  I don’t like that feeling.  Sure, I have convinced myself that I ‘Get It’ when it comes to social media, but that sure doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone else.  No way!  What about those that quote thousands of followers…and blog page views…and have achieved inter-galactic re-tweet status…and have gone viral more than the swine flu?  What about you?  Is there an end-game here?  

Power is Good
I love how going social has allowed me in a small way, and others in a very big way, to have those thousands of followers, and blog views, and connections.  To have real influence, not just a klout score.  (I’m not even sure I really know what having a good klout score does for one’s career.  Not that I mind having a good score, but are you planning on asking your next Director-level candidate what they did to improve their klout score and how that impacted their previous employer’s bottom line?  I didn’t think so.)
But if we think of what can be done with that much influence…that much reach…that much passion…maybe we could change the world.  Even just a little bit. 

How About You
Are you on a social media power trip?  If so, how’s it working out for you?  Has your world changed for the better?  Or better yet, have you changed the world?  That’s the real litmus test of social…making a difference.  How about we connect and make a difference together?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of Staff A La Carte