Talent is What?

Talent.  Cool word.  Talent Management.  Even cooler phrase.  Sounds like a major corporate initiative, doesn’t it?  Ever hear anyone talking about Talent Management as a strategy?  As if you could program your skilled employees to behave in some sort of bizarre Cirque du Soleil performance when they walk into their offices each day.  I guess I don’t fully understand it…yet.

No Easy Answers
There is no shortage of terrific discussion on this topic, like the recent post from TLNT on the State of Talent Management or the fellas at Talent Anarchy who are not only taking up the issue, but are also challenging us to define what talent means for our organizations.  And my initial two-cents => throw out the best practice crutch, and figure out what all of this means within the four walls of your shop first.  Who cares if “Zappos Southwest Airlines” does something better than you. You don’t work at “Zappos Southwest Airlines.”

Take the Challenge
So in the spirit of being a leader in the world of HR versus being a victim of it, I’m doing two things to try and get Talent Management moving even further in my organization.  I’ve asked my team to provide me some input on their view of Talent; and I’ve gained the support of my Senior Leadership colleagues to push our current program to a new level.  Yes, it’s more than hiring good people; and yes, it’s more than developing them in some sort of logical manner.  But what the heck is it?  We’re diving in head first to find out.

How About You   
Are you ready to jump into the conversation?  What about getting your people involved?  Too scary?  Well it shouldn’t be.  The talent in our organizations is by far our most valuable asset.  Make sure you understand what they need, so your organization can be successful.  I know I need to find out as soon as I can.  Don’t you?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses. 

pic courtesy of Mackie and Ryan