Why Don’t Employees Know Your Name?

Success.  Big title, big office, big responsibility.  Leaders must be really important.  I mean, just walking through the front door each day is an event, right?  A busy calendar, lots of issues, big important bureaucratic list of stuff to accomplish.

Yeah, right.

When was the last time you walked down the hall and the employees acknowledged you by name.  I don’t mean the hallway that your office is located.  When was the last time you rounded on the employees for an hour and everywhere you went someone greeted you with a smile and said your name?

Rounding on employees is not a power-walk-drive-by moment.  That’s called cowardice.  Stop and talk, ask what’s going on  in their world, offer to support them. It’s called leadership.

How About You
Are you going to spend some time out of your office today with the people that make your organization go?  Or, are you going to find a lame excuse to hide behind your desk — again.  The employees deserve your time, and you’ll learn something you didn’t know when you started your day.

Oh, and remember to introduce yourself.  They might not recognize who you are the first time.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of NBF