Now You’ve Got Something to Die For

I hear the word passion a lot. Leaders are passionate about their ideas and organizations…employees are passionate about their profession…friends are passionate about their hobbies…celebrities are passionate about various causes.
That’s a lot of passion.

Does It Matter?
Lately I’ve been wondering if all of that “passion” is just talk? I don’t mean that people don’t feel strongly about their various interests, but is there a difference between being so passionate about something, that we’re abusing the term and losing the impact of what we’re really trying to say?

What do we stand for? Is it that we’re committed to a program or charity or our own personal agenda?

“Maybe we aren’t quite ready to admit that when we say we’re passionate about something, we really mean we’re only going to accept our own idea as a solution.”

I wonder what our employees think when we’re so “passionate” about something and they never get a chance to offer their perspective? I wonder if their ideas are ever better than ours? Hmm.

How About You
What gets you fired up? Is it something you feel so strongly about that everyone on your team must comply? Do you believe they think it’s worth “dying” for? Do you?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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