Attention HR: You Can Hire Using Social…I Did

Social recruiting works. Let me say it again HR…social recruiting works. Three weeks ago I wrote a blog post about my need to fill a recruiter vacancy. I went through my “new” normal routine of using twitter, facebook, our HR web site and Linkedin to spread the word.
Bang! The job was filled less than two weeks later.
No journals, no newspapers, no magazines, no old-school personnel strategies…just social.
Welcome Michelle!
Please welcome Michelle Nelson to All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine. Michelle comes to us with an incredible track record of success recruiting registered nurses and other healthcare professionals for many years in the Tampa Bay area. She is a Linkedin power user and is jumping into the twitterverse too.
We’re so glad you’re here Michelle!

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

Graphic courtesy of my buddy @andyheadworth

Pic courtesy of All Children’s Hospital