Slaves of Fear

In early 2009 I received my very first LinkedIn connection request. It was from a vendor that continues to be an important strategic partner, and I had absolutely no idea what this strange request was all about. So I ignored it.

It was new to me…had something to do with social media, and I worked in #HealthcareHR. Clearly I wasn’t interested in anything like that! 

Slave of Routine

Back in ’09 I thought I was on top of my game. I was six months into the best job I’ve ever had (and still have!) and certainly didn’t need to focus on anything that would disrupt my transition. I was developing a great routine, meeting new people everyday, and learning how things are supposed to be done in my new organization.

I had fallen into the trap of taking my new role too far. Instead of investing the time to listen and learn and then take action; I listened, learned, and allowed myself to flow into the established rhythms of the work day without adding my personal leadership vision.

Not good. 

Slave No More

I finally accepted that LinkedIn request…and then spent some time exploring this interesting new site. Suddenly I realized that the person I had been for so many years was no longer relevant in the world of work. Sure, I could have plodded along and been one of the many incredibly effective transactional focused HR managers. But quite honestly, who wants to be one of those?

The realization that washed over me also opened the door for me to begin the process of reinventing myself. I didn’t frame it that way until a year or so later, but the reality was clear.

I simply could not stay the same if I was going to be an effective HR leader going forward. The problem wasn’t that I had done something wrong, or that I didn’t understand how to lead a team of people. That wasn’t the point.

The world of work had changed, and I was the one that had to change with it. I didn’t see any other choice. I had to change..I had to admit I needed to learn brand new tools…and I had to start right away.

I distinctly remember feeling that I was far behind leaders I was paying attention to in other industries. That turned out not to be true…just as it isn’t true today for others who haven’t learned new tools in their work life. Life is about learning, and candidly it is never too late to start. 

How About You

Have you ever considered reinventing yourself? At first it can feel like a daunting task; yet once you begin taking small steps the process magically picks up speed. Before you realize it you’re  “suddenly” well on your way. There are only two steps necessary for you to begin: realize the need, and then get started. It’s just that simple. Are you ready?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.