Living A Fantasy

So I’ve been thinking about how the pieces of my world fit together. The fantasy I cling to is that I have it all figured out. Fantasies are rarely accurate though…

Fantasy #1 – Work
Over the years I’ve continued to bring a high degree of energy and enthusiasm to my work. I get fired up about the projects I’m leading, the clients I work with, and the colleagues that make it all so special. Helping organizations move from their same-old-comfort-zone into a contemporary power house is absolutely terrific.

But not all of the work is a utopian nine to five dream come true. There are unexpected roadblocks, technology challenges, political hand grenades that get tossed from out of nowhere, and the simple reality that change often scares the old guard to death (read here —> too threatening to their power.)

Fantasy #2 – Personal
I also bring a high degree of energy to my personal life. I don’t seem to have much of an “off switch” when it comes to my world. Each day is an opportunity to push harder than the last…to challenge myself to be better…and to squeeze in one more workout when I’m feeling worn out. 

From the outside it probably looks like I’m in high gear every minute…and I guess for the most part I am. But that doesn’t mean all of those smiles, positive outlooks, and loud jokes equate with internal peace. Peace can be an elusive target.

Maybe there really is more to each of us than what we show on the outside?

Beyond the Fantasies
So how do we find the balance point? When does the line between fantasy and reality come into view? The challenge of embracing a fantasy mindset, for me anyway, is to keep myself focused on how I want to role model behavior for those around me. A positive attitude and nonstop enthusiasm go a long way publicly (and a long way privately too.)

Conversely, how do we integrate all of the other issues swimming around inside our heads (and hearts) and maintain the high octane leader persona everyone expects?

How About You
Don’t stop striving to make your fantasies a reality. I don’t care how hard it gets. My energy, enthusiasm, and dreams about the future fuel me at every step. What fuels you?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.