Future Shock

I don’t consider myself much of  futurist…in fact…the world of work is changing so fast it’s almost impossible to stay current on  a daily basis. 


One thing is very clear about the future of work. It starts with leaders…formal and informal…making a difference in their organizations.

As a long time healthcare leader I’ve discovered a few truths:

– healthcare is a risk aversive industry (understatement of the century right there)
– healthcare has unlimited potential to improve how it recruits talent
– most healthcare leaders are too scared to make the moves necessary to differentiate themselves from their competition

This is where you come in! You have the opportunity to leverage all of the knowledge you’ve accumulated over your career, and pour it into a new way to work. Starting today.

The complicated dynamics of our industry, and in particular hospitals, often force the progressive leaders among us to a life of playing it safe and doing the same old things. Today I’m calling out anyone who espouses that old school strategy!

Risk is important for a reason…because there is a big reward!

Shock Your Competition
Shifting mindsets can be powerful, long before you pull a team together to develop your digital talent acquisition strategy. (Remember, digital strategies should be your primary strategy!)

Here are three steps that will not only help you lead the way internally, but will also help you blow away the prehistoric thinkers leading your competition:

1. Go social, now. If you aren’t active on social media you have not been paying attention. Open you accounts, start posting, sharing and engaging. It matters more than you think.

2. Focus on building your leader brand. If you’re not actively involved in your “space” you are invisible. It doesn’t matter what your resume says…the world has changed. Get active using contemporary tools and make a difference.

3. Stop being afraid. It’s okay to step out and try new things. You will be the only one in your organization doing it. So what? Leaders go first…so let’s go!

How About You
It has never been easier to promote your leader brand, your organization, and the difference you can make in the world of work. Get started today! You can do it!

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.