Speed of the Strike

Work moves fast. In my little sheltered universe it’s moving like a McLaren P1. Just so you know….that’s fast!

It seems like there are projects, deadlines, external pressures, internal pressures, political landmines, and, oh yes, getting the work done.

Maybe it’s similar for you?

Speed Kills
The phrase speed kills often refers to sports team that move fast and win, or cars that blow away the competition. My focus is something a bit different. 

“Speed kills those that can not keep up.”

Consider your workplace. Are decisions made slowly and methodically over a series of months? Is there plenty of time to consider every single option so the organization can make “fail-proof” moves? 

Candidly, I can’t think of any organization that expects to thrive today that moves that slowly.

Not one.

Need for Speed
There is another way to look at the concept of speed. It can be the energy blast that separates you from your competitors. It can be the rush that drives you to take risks, think big, and lead even bigger.

One thing is very clear though…if you are not moving fast in today’s world, you have effectively turned in your leadership card.

How About You
How do you view the pace of your work? Is going fast scary and unsettling? Good! It’s supposed to be. Are you running and hiding from it; or, are you fired up about all the possibilities you see?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.