The Rise of Our Demise

I’m troubled today.

The growing gap between common sense and the world of corporate noise is keeping me up at night. Our list of projects doesn’t seem to slow down…that is a good thing. However, the faux expectations that are placed on many in the corporate world simply do not make sense in 2016. 

Why are we working for our organizations?

– To achieve personal career goals at the expense of others?
– To cover our own backside when times get tough?
– To gossip and stir the proverbial pot instead of standing tall and leading?

Um, no.

Leaders get paid to make ethical, positive, and sometimes risky decisions. They are not paid to join cliques and ramble endlessly about why things can not get done. Yet for some reason personal behavior changes when the power suit and bling wanders from conference room to conference room all day long. 

You know I’m right.

Lead for Real
Why is this happening? What could possibly motivate so many bright minds to somehow get off track and slip down this path? Candidly, an embarrassing path!

The answer I believe is simple. The link between being “smart” and being able to actually “lead” is grossly overestimated. 

The end result is that bright people receive opportunities to move into positions with greater and greater responsibility, but are ill-prepared to lead for real.

Committing to leading for real requires much more that talking about it…complaining about others to justify personal failures…or gossiping.

How About You
Take a moment and be honest about your situation. What are the challenges you’re facing today? Are you part of a clique…er, I mean close group of colleagues that you complain to about everyone? Do you have the courage to accept that you might have some work to do on your self?

If so, I have no doubt that you will lead for real very soon. Let’s get after it!

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.