Then Everything Changed

“I felt like I was the ultimate brand champion for my company. Then suddenly…the economics didn’t make sense anymore and I was gone.”

“Everything was on track for so long. But then I realized things were just wrong. How did it all get so messed up?”

“I was a rising star. Everything I touched turned around and was a big success. But one day I was called into the office…my position could no longer be supported.”

“I had worked so hard for all of it…my career, my personal life…all of those crazy lists of goals over the years. Now, this happened.”

Unlimited Potential
Some people just seem to have it all together. They have great jobs, full personal lives, and seem to be involved in the coolest projects. I’ll admit I’ve been jealous of those folks over the years. It all looked so exciting.

But real life doesn’t always match the action we see, right?

When you believe there is no stopping you one day…and the next day you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall…even the strongest among us can fall into a bit of a tailspin.

Back in the Game
The old adage that one door closing usually means another door opens is not only over used…it’s true. The key issue here is not about opportunities though. In fact, the “doors” have absolutely nothing to do with it.

The reason this phrase has lived on for so long is because people…at their core…are resilient as hell.

We are driven to succeed. We not only deal with setbacks, we use them as an energy source to take things to an even higher level of success both personally and professionally. We attack our future. We make all of that “action” that we dreamed about for so long become our reality.

We. Make. It. Happen.

How About You
Think about the times life has dealt you an unexpected twist or turn. Did you fold up and drop out of sight forever?

Of course you didn’t. You dusted yourself off…got a little pissed…and kicked that ‘new door’ down.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.