Close Your Eyes and Think Of…

…the most positive leader you’ve ever worked with…

What made them so special?

What did they do that made them different from the others?

It’s Not About Spreadsheets
I’ve never heard anyone say the most influential leader they ever worked with was an expert with spreadsheets. Nor, have I ever heard that the best-leader-ever had mastered the budgeting process, new ATS, or wrote the finest policies and procedures.

Those things need to get done, but candidly, have absolutely nothing to do with world class leadership.

They Have “It”
So, what do those leaders have that separate them from so many others who aspire to be effective? When I’ve given keynote addresses I ask the audience this question and I get the same answers every time:

Those “it” leaders…
– listen
– support their people
– are not arrogant or condescending
– trust
– mentor
– are patient
– understand errors and use them to coach not chastise
– take the blame for their team
– check their ego at the door
– understand that their team is made up of people, not robots
– practice humility consistently

How About You
As you consider your leadership trajectory, and all of those influencers that have shaped you along the way, are you living up to the best-leader-ever label?

Perhaps this will help…fast forward five years into the future and imagine that one of your current team members is asked who the best-leader-ever was in their life.

Will they think of you?

I’d love to hear from you. 

No Excuses.