“A fatal flaw.”

What exactly is a fatal flaw outside the world of epic heroes and heroines? More importantly, what is mine? I’m actually not sure I want to know; however, if I’m going to understand and confront my demons, it makes sense to try and answer the question.


Yes, I have them. I’m guessing you do too if you’re honest with yourself. Most I’ve known about for a long time; others recently decided to enter the arena. 

Sometimes that’s rough. 

It’s interesting to reflect back over the years and recognize how the pieces fit together. The moments that seemed to be one-off events were actually part of a larger and prolonged struggle.

Self-reflection can be rough too.

So, does all of this new found self-awareness answer the hamartia question? It’s beginning too. Looking deep into my own choices, mistakes, and self-talk (that can be quite critical) is an important step. In addition to understanding my struggle, it is clear that I must be ever more present for those around me who are also struggling. (Remember, the ones who seem to have it all together might be struggling the most.)


Simply writing this post in some small way has helped shift the momentum of the battle in my favor a bit. Something I had not anticipated. Maybe writing could help you too?

More on this later…for now…it’s time for reflection and processing of it all.

Thank you for being here.