I recently met a new colleague who is bright, successful, has strong credentials, and is in a high impact HR leadership role.  She is engaging and pleasant to interact with on a variety of issues.  Curiously enough, she is not interested in networking, joining any groups (virtual or otherwise) and basically does not want to connect with anyone unless required to do so in her job.
Can we actually choose to do that anymore? 
Perhaps the reason I found her approach so peculiar is that it is the exact opposite of my own.  Discovering the power of social media, connecting with amazing people from across the globe, and even starting my own blog has energized me in my HR practice.  How is it possible someone would choose to shut out the world when it has so much to offer?
As I’ve struggled with how to reconcile this in my mind, I thought back to the words Quint Studer spoke during one of his sessions I attended:
“Whenever I have an issue with someone, I first look in the mirror to understand how I am impacting the situation before I start blaming the other person for being wrong.”
Who am I to say her style is wrong?  Simply because the world offers so much for us both professionally and personally using social media does not mean it is right for everyone.  Am I judging her?  Ouch.
Starting my own blog has allowed me; no it has forced me, to re-evaluate my own leadership style.  What I originally thought would be brief articles for others, has quickly turned into a personal accountability exercise.  Quite frankly I’m shocked at how quickly that transition occurred (read -> immediately!).
Are you considering blogging?  Is it too scary to even consider; or, are you almost there and just need a nudge? NUDGE!  There are lots of resources, including Project Social with Victorio Milian and Ben Eubanks.  There are also many terrific blogs to read – check out my list of great links to help you get started.  If I gave it a try, certainly you can too, right?
I’d love to hear from you.
No Excuses.
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