Power Post – Comfort Zones are for Coward-Leaders

“Let’s check best practices.”
“What is the competition doing?”
“I’d like to study this for a few months first.”
“I don’t like to rush into change.”
“We better be careful or this will get out of control.”
“I prefer to stay in my comfort zone.”

I’m sorry, stay in your what?  Comfort zone?  What the hell is a comfort zone?  Are you taking a power nap in a recliner; or, are you leading a complex organization in 2011?  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  Comfort zones are excuses.  Period.

I don’t like excuses.


How many times have you heard these phrases? Do you find it hard to respect the leaders you work with that say these things over and over?  Me too.  (And when I catch myself saying them I absolutely cringe.)  So here’s an option for us all – stop saying them.  Coward-leaders strive for mediocrity and comfort.  Working hard to maintain your comfort zone is an exercise in futility.  Stop doing it.

Push yourself to be better.  Push yourself to take on new challenges.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and lead.

You’re not a coward-leader are you?  (I hope I’m not one either.)

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of http://wearetherealdeal.com