Play to Win

S: “Jay, do you ever not win?”

Me: “No.”

Maybe it’s just me, but the world of work seems to be more competitive than ever. Whether people are jockeying for a new opportunity; or like me, are working hard to grow the company they work for to its fullest potential.

That includes finding the best talent.

Don’t Just Play
As the crushing force of political correctness invades the world of work, and in particular Human Resources, it seems increasingly distasteful to be ultra-competitive.


Am I a bad person if I push myself hard to be successful?
Am I perceived as uncaring if I don’t take care of my competitors as well as I take care of my company?

What is going on? Have we all become so soft that the options are either you end up labeled as a cold-hearted capitalist, or an ineffective “leader” trying to win some sort of popularity contest…but never actually execute because that would require standing up to someone?

Play To Win
Despite all of the “correctness” that I’m supposed to conform to (…not happening, by the way…) I’m going to do everything in my power to represent the three brands that matter most:

– my own
– my organization’s
– the clients my company works with


Nothing will stand in the way. There are too many amazing people working at my company, and candidly, they expect me to be more driven than any of our strongest competitors, regardless of their size.

How About You
Are you one of those people that believes there is enough for everyone, and if we all share everyone can win? 

I’m not.

There is simply too much riding on my success, and the success of the team of people I work with to risk doing anything less than my very best. 

Do you play to win? If the answer is no….why the hell not?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.