Stop Talking About Diversity

You read that right. Stop.

Here’s why…

All Talk
Many organizations, leaders, and employees claim to be be pro-diversity. They preach fairness for all…a culture of support and risk-taking…and the joke-of-all-time…an open door policy.

They’re lying.

All of that talk does nothing except disappoint. Why? There is no follow through. There is no real risk-taking…and there certainly isn’t an investment in diversity in a meaningful way for most companies.

Mirror Time
Let’s do a little self-assessment of ourselves and our organizations, shall we?

1.  Do you have a Chief Diversity Officer?

2.  If not, have you aggressively advocated for one?

3.  Do you reward employees for taking risks; or, is your corporate culture based on a small group of leaders (typically pale and male) deciding who is a “good fit?”

4.  Does your organization recognize the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday?

5.  Do your benefits policies include employees who are part of the LGBT community?

6.  Do you focus on having a diverse slate of candidates for open positions?

7.  Are wages for men and women in similar roles….similar?

8.  If not, how are you possibly justifying that values-based decision? (Yes, it is a statement about your corporate values.)

How About You
The list of priorities around diversity is a long one. I’ve highlighted a fraction of those opportunities here…the proverbial low-hanging-fruit we all love to take care of right away.

Are you going to pick this fruit in your organization?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.