End of the Line

I talk about my work.
I plan my work.
I have an extensive and well organized Wunderlist.
I document every meeting in Evernote.
I need to get things done.

I have to cross the finish line with my projects. 

Talk Is Half the Battle
I’m not sure what happens to some leaders. It appears that two significant changes occur that block their ability to get to the endpoint.

1 – They get promoted and have a really cool job title.

2 – They focus entirely on maintaining their status instead of executing.

These changes are the death blow to many promising leaders. The energy, passion, risk-taking, and fearless approach displayed early in their careers suddenly slows to a crawl in an attempt to play it safe at every decision point.

They talk a good game. 
They use the right words (usually.) 
They get a few things done…


That my friends is about a pathetic description of a leader as I can muster.

Execution Is the Only True Thing
Let’s be honest for a minute. Getting work done, particularly complex projects can be a real challenge.

So what?

But sometimes other people have a significant role to play in our projects.

So what?

I make mistakes…after all I’m human.

So what?

How About You

“If our corporate cultures are focused on getting work across the finish line instead of attending recurring meetings to talk about how busy we are, we might actually make a real difference in this world.”

Think about it.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.