Stay of Execution

“I know, I know…you’re “crazy busy” at work.”

“Oh, that’s right…you have to finish up a couple of projects before you can get started.”

“Of course, you need to have your team do that stuff, that’s not something for real leaders.”

“I remember now, this is a very conservative area…we don’t use social media that much.”

It’s 2016, Right?
I recently had an opportunity to meet a group of human resources professionals who have not embraced contemporary tools for business. Candidly, I was a bit surprised. I know that not every leader is going to use social tools the way I do.

However, I find it incomprehensible that in today’s incredibly tight market for talent…a market where every person you or I will ever hire again is using one or more social media platforms…HR leaders continue to tuck their heads into their turtle shells and ignore the world around them.

It is time for HR to stand up and be counted as cutting edge leaders across all industries. 

It is time for HR to show their executive colleagues that embracing social tools with a defined strategy will transform their organizations.

It is time for HR to demonstrate to our marketing colleagues what leader brand and employer brand are all about.

It is time my friends, for us to stop talking, and complaining, and throwing our hands up in the air.

It is time for action.

How About You
Do you fall into one of those groups that still takes pride in not being on a social network? How could you possibly consider yourself a leader when you choose to embarrass yourself and your organization by hiding behind your own insecurities and excuses?

We have been given one more chance…a stay of professional execution. What are you going to do with this rare opportunity? I will help you if you’ll just reach out.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.