Millennials Scare You Because You’re A Weak Leader

Enough is enough.

You are embarrassing yourself and your organization. You are proving to everyone that you don’t deserve to lead because you sound like you are still wondering why Pickett’s Charge failed.

Is this really the first time in your career you’ve had different generations of employees working for you?

Stop whining about millennials.


You Are Not A Contemporary Leader
It seems I can no longer get through one day without hearing “leaders” lamenting about millennials and how to manage them in the workplace. Are you kidding me? There have been multiple generations in the workforce since the first row of corn was planted thousands of years ago. 

The problem has nothing to do with the birth date of the employees we are all hiring. The problem is 100% the responsibility of leaders who use Gen Y as an excuse to avoid their own failings.

It is 2016. Have you kept as current with new communication / branding / and social tools as you do with your “monthly professional journals?” Good Lord, I hope you aren’t actually waiting a month to stay “current!”

If you are afraid to jump into the 21st century that is not the problem of your younger employees. Admit you are afraid…that you have no idea what is going on…and start learning! 

Haven’t you all proclaimed that you lead a “learning organization?” How about you start backing up your empty jargon-filled-HR-speak and catch up to the rest of society?

The Secret to Every Generation
Here are a few insider tips to help you get started on your new journey:

1. New generations bring energy, fresh perspectives and new ideas to the workplace.
2. Every generation wants a good job, a good boss, decent pay, and a chance to have a life outside the cube.
3. These haven’t changed since the dawn of time.

Unfortunately you’re still trying to position yourself as leader by describing the challenges of millennials, instead of just leading. It’s as if they are a protected class all of a sudden.

How About You
Am I being too harsh? Don’t care.

Should I stay quiet and follow the classic leadership approach of always being positive about others in leadership?

No. Freaking. Way.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.