Snapchat, Ghosts & Not Being Old & Lame

I’ve been experimenting with snapchat lately. The tarnished image of the app is gone (yes, it is) and it has now moved to powerhouse status rivaling the other heavy hitters in the social media space.

What has been an unexpected surprise to me is how many long-time social media “experts” (ahem, I hate that word), have come out proclaiming the futility of using snap for recruiting, because they do not see a way forward.


Brands Love It
The last time I checked, which is daily, major brands around the world are pushing out high quality content on snapchat.

Are they doing this because it is a waste of time?
Are the doing this because “the experts” keen insight is fun to ignore?


Isn’t there a direct link between employer brand and recruitment?

Now before you discount the millions of people using this tool every day, remember they are the workforce of today and tomorrow. 

Still reading? Good, I’m not done.

Ignore the Noise
Is there noise around snapchat? Of course there is. Is the ghost codes craze over begging for hearts annoying? Of course it is. 

Is snapchat’s recent major upgrade a sign of massive innovation and change for a platform with unlimited upside?

You bet your closed-mind it is.

For those of you that have decided that snapchat has no future in the talent acquisition space, I caution you to hold your opinion at the risk of sounding like a fool.

“Those proclaiming so early that there is no future using snapchat risk sounding like the grumpy old neighbor yelling at the kids to “get off my lawn.”

Don’t be that person.

How About You
I wonder if the bright minds in the social media space that adopted facebook, twitter, Pinterest, swarm, and so many others have lost their edge? Has the fire gone out, and it’s simply too embarrassing to admit that you haven’t figured out snapchat yet? 

Or, do you need an in-your-face blog post to get you all fired up again so you can get back in the game…and lead the way once more?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.