The ‘Club’ Is A Pathetic Excuse

Mission Statements.
Codes of Ethics.
Guiding Principles.

…lots of important words…


The words don’t matter in a good ol’ boy corporate culture.

You Can’t Hide From Your Decisions
I’ve been working for a long time. During the last twenty years I’ve been fortunate to serve in leadership roles…and have seen all sorts of “leadership” behavior.

The employees see those behaviors too. Sometimes I wonder if “those leaders” actually believe the action they take in the workplace is invisible to the masses? 

In the world of #HealthcareHR the employee population is particularly bright. Physicians, nurses, therapists, legions of support staff that are oriented and trained to work in an incredibly intense environment, and a long list of other professionals with advanced degrees all fill these organizations.

Yet for some unknown reason, the same “club” continues to dominate. How is this possible in 2016?

Stop Shaming Yourself and Your Organization
There are so many challenges facing companies today. An unpredictable economy, tremendous government regulatory interference, huge numbers of retiring employees (who leave with valuable skills and experience), and of course the ongoing struggle to integrate contemporary business strategies into our work.

There simply is no time for arrogance, sexism, racism, and for God’s sake there is absolutely no time for men to cling to some neanderthal-type hold on power. One might suggest if we had a different looking executive profile the business world could produce better results.

How About You
Who do you follow? Are they passionate about all races, backgrounds, and see gender as a non-issue? Or, do their true colors come out behind closed doors or when their insecure egos are threatened?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.